Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Recharge your Energy with Nature
Thursday 1 August is Yorkshire Day! In honour of this, Roman Beauty wanted to focus on how this beautiful county of ours can provide some brilliant locations to help you achieve mindfulness and inner peace. After all, studies have shown that natural settings can help with meditation exercises.

Hello To My Valued Clients!

This month, we are providing you with a summer mindfulness exercise that you can do outside, as well as details of some fantastic places in Yorkshire where you can go to experience natural mindfulness.

Mindfulness Exercise 
Mindful Eating Summer is filled with a wide selection of fruit that we often take for granted. We tend to eat it as part of a meal without really thinking about it or experiencing the taste of it
Pick something that evokes summer to you - perhaps it's strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, or watermelon - and take a small pot of it to a nice quiet location.
Place the pot in front of you then get comfortable. Allow your body to relax - either in a yoga pose, sitting on a bench, or perhaps leaning up against a tree or stone. Concentrate first on your breathing, making it slow and regular. Then switch your focus to the world around you: the rustle of the trees, the feel of the wind on your skin, and all the different colours around you.
Pick up a piece of fruit. Examine it carefully, noting its colour, shape, the texture of its surfaces, the smell of it, and how it feels against your fingers. Then put it in your mouth and hold it there for ten seconds before biting down. Eat it slowly, savouring every bite.
Don't rush for the next piece just yet! Think about what aftertaste the fruit leaves on your tongue and appreciate the nourishment that it's bringing to your body. When all those sensations have faded, it's time to try the next piece, or perhaps a different fruit altogether.

The Great Outside
Residents of Leeds are lucky to have the beauty of Ilkley Moor so close. Walking even a short way up it will offer magnificent views. What better place to visit on Yorkshire Day than the place which is the setting of Yorkshire's own anthem?
If wide-open spaces are not your thing, then How Stean Gorge near Harrogate might be a pleasing alternative. It has natural caves to explores as well as various nature trails along the edge of the river where you could glimpse otter and deer.

Peaceful Parks
If you can't find the time or energy to go out into the countryside itself, there are many parks around Leeds where you can go to reconnect with nature.
Golden Acre Park between Adel and Bramhope is set in 137 acres and offers visitors a mixture of parkland, streams, and lakeside walks.
Roundhay Park covers up to 700 acres with two lakes, woodland, and even a folly. With so many different routes to take, you'll be sure to find somewhere peaceful for your mindfulness exercise.
If you prefer the beauty of tamed nature then the Canal Gardens in Roundhay could be the ideal location. This walled garden was formally a vegetable plot belonging to the Mansion in Roundhay Park, but it is now the perfect place to relax to the gentle sound of fountains.

Wondrous Waterfalls
The sound of water has long been an aid to meditation. There are many amazing waterfalls within Yorkshire where the sound of rushing water seems to fill the world.
You could visit the spectacular Hardraw Force in North Yorkshire. The water plunges down 100 feet, making this the highest single-drop waterfall in England.
If the noise and power of Hardraw are too much, then the triple flight of Aysgarth Falls might prove more soothing. Lasting a mile along the River Ure, the falls are bordered by woodland, allowing visitors to be surrounded by nature.
For those who want something a bit more peaceful, Janet's Foss might be the perfect place. Located near Malham, North Yorkshire, the waterfall was named after a fairy queen that rumour had it lived behind the waterfall. It certainly is a magical, peaceful place.

And don't forget us!
Of course, Roman Beauty is based right here in Leeds, Yorkshire to cater for all your mindfulness and well-being needs. That could be a bit of pampering with a manicure or massage to get rid of all the tension that builds up during a working week, or it might be a holistic treatment which can help slow down the over-active mind, re-energise the body, and renew overall energy and vitality.
All our services are designed to bring peace and aid the mind-body connection.


With a focus on mindfulness, Roman Beauty's recommendation for the treatment of the month is our Revitalising Body Scrub. The citrussy ingredients will stimulate and recharge your senses while the essential oils will nourish and hydrate your skin. This treatment gently exfoliates away all your dead skin cells, increases blood flow and circulation, and improves lymph drainage. The treatment is then finished off with a massage with your choice of either 'soothing oil' or 'awakening oil'.
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Sunday, 28 July 2019

The Power of Pedicures

The Power of Pedicures
Don't neglect your feet after all the hard work they do for you!

Hello To My Valued Clients!

Our feet work so hard on our behalf, carrying us anywhere and everywhere we need to go. Yet most of us don't give our feet the love and attention they deserve. Pedicures are seen as something you do every now and again - perhaps for a holiday or a wedding. But far from being a luxury, a pedicure can actually be beneficial for your health.
Here are some of the benefits that pedicures provide.

Exfoliate Away Calluses and Corns
All that walking is naturally going to result in hard skin as your feet rub against your shoes and socks. While this your body's natural reaction and a way to toughen up skin that is under constant pressure, calluses can turn into sores or ulcers. So, having your feet regularly exfoliated will help keep your skin soft, supple, and in good condition, keeping calluses, corns, and bunions at bay.
Even if you don't have calluses, just exfoliating away the dead skin around your feet will encourage the growth of new cells and leave your feet soft and looking fabulous.

Improve Circulation
Massage forms part of every pedicure, and this element of the treatment can improve circulation. If your job involves sitting in an office chair all day, then blood flow to feet, ankles, and calves can be severely reduced. This can result in pain and discomfort.
But a pedicure message will help stimulate blood flow in these neglected areas as well as easing away any tension in your muscles.

Avoiding Infections
Our feet are the limbs that are furthest away from our eyes, making regular and careful inspection of them difficult. However, when a pedicurist is attending to your feet, they can spot any infections or problems much earlier than you can.
In addition, the treatments that form part of a pedicure package are designed to prevent infections. Having your toenails professionally trimmed will help ensure you avoid fungal infections or ingrown toenails. Furthermore, the thorough cleansing that your feet get from a pedicure will wash away any harmful bacteria that might cause an infection.

Many of us regularly moisturise our faces, even our arms and legs -- particularly after we've been out in the sun. But invariably our feet are forgotten. A pedicure involves soaking feet in warm water, then adding oils and lotions specifically designed to lock moisture into the skin of your feet. Regular moisturising of your feet can help prevent blisters, and the cuticles on your feet should be taken care of just as much as those on your hands if you want healthy nail growth. 

Relaxation and Confidence-Boosting
The mental health benefits of massage are well-known. Having the tension removed from your feet, ankles, and legs will make you feel properly pampered. Furthermore, as well as all the health benefits described above, you'll come out with amazing-looking feet, giving you the confidence to wear those summer sandals to a wedding or business meeting, or just your holiday flip-flops to the beach.

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It's not just in the salon that you can take care of your feet - you can treat them at home too!
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