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Top Superfoods

Top Superfoods to charge your energy levels and keep hunger at bay for longer!

We're all about wellbeing here at Roman Beauty, and part of feeling good and looking good is diet.  You may have noticed that healthy people tend to look healthy and often have a healthy glow about them .  
“You are what you eat” is an ancient adage. However, there is some truth to it. Even if you have the best skincare and exercise routine, your appearance and health will suffer if you don’t eat the right foods.

With the summer weather finally reaching us, many of us start thinking about having lighter meals rather than the rich, warming food we crave in the winter months

Why Superfoods?
Superfoods are full of nutrients and the more nutrients your body has the less it feels hungry.  Your body feels hungry when you need more nutrients, thats why when you try and fill up on foods like milk chocolate and crisps which have low nutrients, your body still feels hungry. Here 
is some information on three of the best superfoods out there:

The days might be warmer, but the mornings are still chilly. What better way to start your day than with a bowl of porridge, or low-sugar homemade granola? 

Oats are 100% wholegrain, which means that all three layers of the grain are included -- which means that 100% of the original vitamins and minerals are included too.

While cereals can be a mixture of ingredients and often packed full of sugar and preservatives, oats are simple, straightforward, and far healthier. 

They not only contain fibre, but they are also a great source of beta-glucan, a soluble fibre that can help lower cholesterol.

If neither porridge nor granola suits your tastes, then why not just sprinkle a handful of oats into your morning yogurt, smoothie or over some fruit for breakfast?

Use in salads instead of iceberg or other lettice leaves, as it has a lot more nutrients.
Those of us of a certain age may remember Popeye the Sailor recommending spinach as the source of all his strength. While it might not give us bulging muscles, it is still a great superfood.

The benefits of eating spinach are too numerous to list here, but there’s a comprehensive guide to this amazing food in this article.

Of particular interest to Roman Beauty clients is the fact that spinach is an excellent source of vitamin A, which is great for your skin. With vitamin C and iron found in these green leaves as well, eating spinach can help you feel great inside and look fabulous outside. 

The leaves can be eaten raw or cooked. If raw, try mixing them in with an everyday salad. If you want to cook them down, then including them in a curry is a great idea. This recipe for chickpea, tomato and spinach curry from the BBC Good Food website is not only healthy and delicious but will account for two of your five a day in just one serving.


Snack on these throughout the day,or add to smoothies
These nuts might be small, but they are packed with a huge amount of nutrients. They are also high in healthy monounsaturated fats and vitamin E

If you’re on a diet then almonds are a great snack. These nuts are low in carbs but high in fibre and protein – both of which help you feel full. One study of 135 participants showed that just 43g of almonds a day reduced the subject’s hunger. Another study showed that those eating almonds lost more weight than those on a nut-free diet.

However, if you’re going to snack on these almonds, then choose a bag of nuts that still have their brown skin. This is because almonds are renowned for having antioxidants, but these are found in the skin rather than the main part of the nut. If you eat blanched almonds with the skin removed, you’ll be losing those valuable antioxidants which combat damage to your cells and help prevent aging, inflammation, and certain diseases like cancer. 

Some people find the taste of almonds a bit bland, so why not make them more interesting by adding some spices and roasting them.

How can Massage help with your Healthy Eating Regime?

To Compliment your healthy eating regimes for summer, you can also book a massage in at Roman Beauty, which increases Lymphatic drainage to get rid of toxins.  Abdominal massage can also help relieve constipation, speed up the digestion system, beat bloating and ease the abdominal associated with abdominal pain.

If you would like to book an appointment, you can do so by calling 07919 346107 or booking via our website

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