Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Seeking inner peace and calm?

Seeking inner peace and calm?  An Introduction to Mindfulness Workshop: A morning of guided mindfulness practices to reduce stress and promote a peaceful mind and body connection.


On Saturday 30th May, I will be facilitating a workshop on mindfulness for the beginner.  This is an exciting partnership with Laura Romans of Roman Beauty, Alwoodley.  Laura will be hosting the morning, and I will guide and support participants to experience mindfulness practice.  So, in case you are new to mindfulness, I thought I would share with you the basics of mindfulness and perhaps answer your questions.

What is mindfulness?

In its simplest form, mindfulness is a way to connect with yourself by watching your breath as you breathe.     

Through watching your breathing, you can live more in the present; rather than find that you are constantly thinking about your problems, what has happened in the past or what might happen in the future.   This ‘here and now’ presence can lead to less anxiety and low mood which you may have been experiencing as a result of feeling troubled by these thoughts of the past and future.  This is called living in ‘the present moment’.

This practice gives you the chance to begin to acknowledge your thoughts and feelings.  It also helps you to realise that you are more than your thoughts and feelings and that these do not have to control you and how you experience yourself and your life. 

You may find that you begin to feel more accepting of yourself and what you experience, although this takes some time to develop.  It is a simple practice which offers you the opportunity for greater insight into yourself. 

Guided mindfulness can be the perfect way to experience this practice for the first time and find out what it offers you: 

Lots of people practice mindfulness for different reasons.  Some people say it offers them some peace of mind and calmness which they find very helpful in their lives.  Some people find that they are able to work out what is on their minds from sitting and practising mindfulness, so they know more clearly what’s troubling them.  It can also be used in therapy to help people explore their issues or find ways to live in a more balanced and positive way.

So, come and experience some beginners’ mindfulness!  

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If you would like to see what mindfulness might offer you, book a place on the Introduction to Mindfulness workshop on Saturday 30th May 10am-12.30pm at Roman Beauty, Alwoodley, Leeds. You will be fully guided and supported through some beginners’ mindfulness practices, in the comfort of Laura’s home based salon.